The current research work aims to synthesise some new sequence of quinazoline-4-one/4-thione derivatives by changing structures that preserve the fundamental structural characteristics of biological activity and screening various experimental animal models for their anti-anxiety activity. A sequence of derivatives of 7-chloro-3-[substituted (amino/phenyl amino)]-2-phenyl quinazoline-4(3H)-one/thione and 1-(7-chloro-4-oxo/-2-phenylquinazoline-3-(4H-yl))-substituted urea were prepared and characterised from various spectra and elemental analyses. Elevated plus maze test, hole board test, respectively, examined the anti-anxiety behaviour. The synthesis of the quinazoline derivatives was verified by physico-chemical and spectroscopic data. Compared to diazepam, five compounds (IIg, IIj, IIIg, IIIh and IIIj) demonstrated strong anti-anxiety activity and showed no neurotoxicity in the rotarod procedure. The quinazoline derivatives obtained indicate that the methyl/methoxy group is important for anti-anxiety activity in the phenyl hydrazine ring, amine, urea and thiourea replacement at the 3rd position of the quinzoline ring. A further study of the newly synthesised and pharmacologically active quinazoline molecules is being performed in vitro.

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Dr. Biswajit Dash
NEPEDS College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Guwahati, Assam, 781028, India.

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