The present study attempt to judge the hepatoprotective effect of MNK in the Zebrafish model using paracetamol inferred hepatotoxicity. Numerous studies have confirmed that zebrafish and carnal toxicity profiles are remarkably similar and the transparence of larval zebrafish permits direct in vivo amount of drug toxicity including hepatotoxicity in zebrafish.Pharmacological studies were completed activity in the adult zebra net model in the category of four groups; each individual group held ten animals. Groups 1, 2, 3, and 4 were thought-out as control groups, disease control groups, and drug considered groups at different concentrations, individually. Histopathological analysis was written.The observed research judgments were confirmed that this novel Siddha expression MNK possess powerful hepatoprotective effect at the both shot level of 250 mg/lā€“500 mg/l against paracetamol induced toxicity in Zebrafish. Pharmacological research judgments confirms that the liquid extract of Phyllanthus niruri exhibits hepatoprotective effects against element tetrachloride induced liver toxicity in rodent. The herbals T. terrestris and Bauhinia acuminata present in this place formulation were previously documented for allure immunomodulatory effects.Among all ailments, liver disorders are the most prevalent. Although there are many strong medications for liver ailments, there is still a need for inexpensive medications outside side effects. According to the results of the study, the drug MNK has hopeful dose-reliant hepatoprotective activity and restores the fundamental liver construction through its revitalizing potential against paracetamol-induced toxicity in Zebrafish models. Further study is necessary to label the hepatoprotective constituents present in the expression as well as expounding the mechanism of operation.

Author(s) Details:

R. Gomathi,
Department of Maruthuvam, National Institute of Siddha, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

E. Preetheekha,
Department of Kuzhanthai Maruthuvam, National Institute of Siddha, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

P. Shanmuga Priya,
Department of Nanju Maruthuvam, National Institute of Siddha, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

A. Mamallan,
Department of Gunapadam, Mallankinaru Primary Health Centre, Virudhunagar, Tamil Nadu, India.

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Keywords: Siddha medicine, poly herbal, traditional, sastric, hepatoprotective, kudineer