With the structural theory, the heat conduction optimization abstracted as a “volume-point” problem is studied. First of all, for completeness, the original estimated building design for heat conduction, introduced by the founder of building theory, is present. “Improved “tree-like” structural networks are then implemented, including the release of the premise of optimal last-order build, based on different types of element constructs (rectangular or triangular element), construction design with types of conducting paths (constant or variable cross-section), the implementation of different optimization goals and the circumstances of non-uniform heat generation. In addition, with the constructional theory, the “disc-point” problem that can be considered as a special “volume-point” problem is also discussed.

Author(s) Details

Lingen Chen
Wuhan Institute of Technology, China.

Wenjun Wu
Wuhan University of Technology, China.

Huijun Feng
Wuhan Institute of Technology, China.

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