The article explains that: 1) relativistic formulas obtained in the current version of the Special Theory of Relativity (STR) are incorrect; 2) relativistic formulas obtained in the current version of the STR are incorrectly explained by the use of the non-existent concept of non-exceeding light velocity in nature; 3) assumptions on the physical unreality of imaginary numbers and the presence of only o. In other words, it is not entirely true of the current version of the STR produced in the 20th century. Because 1) the physical reality theory of imaginary numbers refuting experimentally the postulated (i.e. an unproven assumption) principle of non-exceedance of light velocity was published only in the 21st century; 2) experimental evidence whose mathematical analysis discerned the secret Multiverse quaternion structure consisting of twenty to twenty-two invisible parallel universes in six-divided universes Only in the 21st century; 3) it was published only in 2019 to demonstrate how astronomical observations of starry-sky constellations in portals would experimentally prove the existence of unseen universes. Consequently, the article introduces an alternate version of the STR, free from the limitations of its current version. Other relativistic formulas obtained in the alternative version of the STR can be explained both at sub-light and hyper-light levels, and at all quantities corresponding to these formulas at real and imaginary values. The theory of light, therefore, Non-exceedance of velocity is removed from this STR edition. For the same explanation, the alternative version of the STR states that there is a Multiverse of parallel universes, mutually invisible, rather than a Monoverse, because all parallel universes, mutually invisible, are connected to each other outside the horizon of the case. It also describes how astronomical observations from portals will confirm the presence of these invisible alternate universes. Furthermore, in the alternate version of the STR, the WMAP and Planck spacecraft data are used to explain the structure of the hidden Multiverse. They also testified to their mathematical processing that the secret Multiverse has a composition of quaternions and comprises twenty-twenty In six-dimensional space, 2 unseen universes.

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Alexander Alexandrovich Antonov
Independent Researcher, Kiev, Ukraine.

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