The article shows that in the 20th century, the special theory of relativity (STR) was not actually developed, since: 1) the relativistic formulas presented in it are incorrect; 2) the relativistic formulas presented in it are incorrectly explained using the incorrect concept of non-exceedance of light velocity refuted in the article; 3) the relativistic formulas presented in it lead to incorrect co-execution. Moreover, since: 1) experimental data on the six-dimensional space of our hidden Multiverse, which made it possible to construct the STR in the 20th century, the STR should not even have been formed. The physical reality of imaginary numbers, which allowed the concept of not reaching the speed of light to be refuted and the modern relativistic formulas to be correctly explained, was only proved experimentally in the 21st century. Therefore, given these circumstances, the new relativistic formulas obtained allow us to state that there are numerous other mutually invisible universes, in addition to our visible universe, that together form the hidden Multiverse. The phenomenon is clarified by the presence of unseen universes In dark matter and energy in night. Their nature also explains why antimatter does not annihilate matter in the hidden Multiverse, and tachyons do not break the concept of causality. Astronomical observations in the portals will confirm the presence of these unseen worlds, as the constellations of the starry sky in them would differ from the constellations found in current observatories on Earth.

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Alexander Alexandrovich Antonov
Independent Researcher, Kiev, Ukraine.

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