Meditator’s Non-contact Effect on Cucumbers

Meditator’s Non-contact Effect on Cucumbers

We clearly show a non-contact effect in which the “presence” of a test subject (meditator) inside a pyramidal structure (PS) affects biosensors without making any physical contact. This is the world’s first report to show this type of effect by scientific measurements. We used edible cucumber sections as the biosensors and measured the concentrations of gas emitted from the sections by a technique developed by our group. The concentrations of gas emitted from biosensors were measured for a total of 1152 sample petri dishes; each dish contained four cucumber sections so that a statistically meaningful comparison could be made. We found that there was a statistically significant difference (p=8.7×10-9, Welch’s t-test, two-tails) in the concentration of emitted gas depending on whether the meditator was present or absent in the PS. Our experimental results clearly indicated that there was a scientifically measurable effect on biological objects with which the meditator had no direct physical contact.

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