Phenomenon of Dark Space

Phenomenon of Dark Space

The phenomena of dark matter and dark energy are the most important scientific discoveries of the 20th century in astrophysics. But until quite recently they were absolutely inexplicable. And nevertheless, attempts to describe them still continue to be made mainly with the aid of research at the Large Hadron Collider. At the present time in astrophysics it is widely agreed that the phenomenon of dark matter and dark energy can be explained by the presence of certain yet unexplained physical bodies only in our visible universe. Moreover, this statement seems to be very rational, because the Monoverse hypothesis following from the postulate regarding non-exceedance of the speed of light in the special theory of relativity, leaves no room for dark matter and dark energy nowhere, but in our observable universe. However, in reality, this presumption is erroneous, since, as seen in the article, dark matter and dark energy are only gravitational images of unseen parallel universes coexisting with our observable universe in the Multiverse, which is also called secret. The research, which made it possible to prove this, was carried out using previously unknown radio-electronic experiments that proved the general scientific theory of the physical existence of imaginary numbers. And this idea in the current version of the special theory of relativity refuted the postulate of non-exceeding the speed of light, as well as the argument resulting from it regarding the nature of the Monoverse. It also made it possible to identify the fallacy of current relativistic formulas and correct them. And from the corrected relativistic formulas the reality of the secret Multiverse follows. Moreover, the statistical study of the experimental data collected by the WMAP and Planck spacecraft made it possible to prove that in fact, in addition to the unseen universes of the hidden Multiverse, there are other invisible universes associated with it via portals, establishing the phenomenon of dark space. And the Multiverses of the dark space along with the secret Multiverse form the Hyperverse. The article shows that the presence of intangible universes found in these Multiverses can be experimentally proven through astronomical observations in portals.

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Prof. Alexander Alexandrovich Antonov
Independent Researcher, Kiev, Ukraine.

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