The conversion of random motion to structured motion is enabled by particle communication emerging from rest energy. An inability to produce angular momentum conservation from random motion, an inability to explain nonlocality in QM, and a lack of explanation for the similar morphology of spiral galaxies and hurricanes, as well as the causes of helicity conservation in water, and tornados and jet streams in the atmosphere and galaxies, are all major flaws in the Standard Model of Physics. Selective particle-to-particle communication and subsequent particle action to a state of greater organisation are required for the solutions. In many situations, particle-to-particle targeted communication is required to evolve random velocities into ordered velocity states. Based on US9-1 and US9-2, this work investigates the feasibility of novel particle-to-particle forces that permit higher organisation via rest energy.

Physics skills in dealing with the aforementioned would produce physics that could be beneficial in biological science, which now explains a variety of particle-to-particle communications in very complicated organisations. With future technologies, it may be feasible to control tornados by interfering with particle-to-particle communication. Dark matter and nuclear force bosons can be replaced by the effects of targeted particle to particle communication.

Focused selective particle-to-particle communication allows physics and the universe to evolve, leading to quantum mechanics and biological evolution. Although QM’s mathematics are important in this process, this work claims that simpler predecessors of QM exist within particle communication and internal processing of fundamental particles. Physics can evolve to higher-order states thanks to selective particle communication. Standard Physics does not recognise this option. The possibilities in the field of cosmology and the universe are vast. In addition to gravity and E&M, the introduction of concentrated particle-to-particle communication from rest energy permits creative interactions that can answer many of the riddles inherent in present understanding: dark matter, dark energy, the Universe’s lattice structure, and inter-galactic gaps.

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