The world’s cosmological representation is complemented by the incorporation of virtual objects, mass defect phenomena, entropic interaction, and bifurcation. Space is known as an infinite homogeneous multiplicity of virtual point objects with a certain energy during the time before the emergence of our Universe and are capable of transitioning into a real state of certain masses, electrical charges, and sizes once at permanent local density and energy fluctuations. THE presence of such virtual point objects is explained on the basis of the phenomenon of mass defects known in nuclear physics and the fact that, in homogeneous space, the resulting sum of all the forces acting on the object is equal to zero. It is shown that with the appearance and subsequent evolution of our Universe, the entropic changes induced by irreversible fluctuations could have contributed to bifurcation and created the “Big Bang” event. The likelihood of the bifurcation set and consequent “Big” The occurrences of the Bang, the origin of the related worlds, the time of their occurrence, and the original localization are discussed. Using the Least Action Principle and Le Chatelier’s Principle, the probability of transitioning virtual objects into a real state is proven. It is shown that this is a first-order phase transition that is followed by energy radiation, symmetry violation, mass presence, electrical charge, motion, and other real-state entity attributes. The “negative” and “standard” gravity, the “negative pressure” and the “inflationary” duration of our Universe’s expansion The entropic interaction between objects is explained as realisations. The’ Corpuscular-Wave and Corpuscular-Field dualisms’ are used to describe the evolution of the Universe, being a representation of the Concepts of Complementarity and Equivalence. It addresses the Anthropic Theory.

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Lev Z. Vilenchik
Felicitex Therapeutics, 27 Strathmore Road, Natick, MA 01760, USA.

Maria Vilenchik
Felicitex Therapeutics, 27 Strathmore Road, Natick, MA 01760, USA.

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