What Physical World do We Live in?

What Physical World do We Live in?

The idea of the Monoverse corresponding to the current version of the Special Relativity Theory is shown to be erroneous. Often incorrect is the latest version of the special theory of relativity itself. It presents a revised version of it, whose relativistic formulas enabled the development of a hypothesis of the hidden Multiverse. The theory of the secret Multiverse is based on the author’s demonstrated general scientific concept of the physical existence of imaginary numbers. It is seen that this hypothesis is already verifiable, in comparison to many other Multiverse theories and the Monoverse hypothesis. And the phenomenon of dark matter and dark energy is scientific confirmation of the truth of the life of the secret Multiverse. There is also other suggested experimental proof. The structure of the secret Multiverse, which turned out to be a quaternion, was determined and its parameters were determined as a result of processing the data collected by the WMAP and Planck spacecraft. According to these figures, there are from twenty to twenty-two parallel universes in the secret Multiverse, in which five to six neighboring universes generate the dark matter phenomenon, and the majority of the parallel universes produce the dark energy phenomenon. Furthermore, it has been shown that our secret Multiverse is adjacent to other Multiverses, which are inaccessible not only by electromagnetic but also by gravitational manifestations to our observations, for which the Hyperverse is constructed in aggregate.

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Prof. Alexander Alexandrovich Antonov
Independent Researcher, Kiev, Ukraine.

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