By way of radiation theory, the molecular tunnelling mechanism has been taken into account. The formula for measuring entropy knowledge was obtained by means of a thermal equilibrium radiation interaction model with a molecule at low temperatures. For the low temperature plateau of unimolecular chemical reaction, the physical value of information entropy was calculated. It is a measure of the conversion of thermal radiation energy to mechanical energy during the elementary activation act that transfers atoms in a molecule. It is also a measure of uncertainty about this conversion of energy. The conversion takes place at a temperature when the elementary activation act’s average energy is equal to a portion of the elementary activation act. The zero energy of the molecule in transformation. There have been two unimolecular reactions investigated. These are β-hemoglobin Fe-CO bond recombination and benzoic acid dimer double proton transfer for sequential hydrogen bond deuteration and various hydrostatic pressures. It is possible to determine its value in the energy units of low-temperature plateau measurements using the information entropy formula. Probabilities of reaction occurrence, efficacy and mean-square fluctuations of the parameters of the distribution function They were also determined. By using a distribution function, the proposed interaction model of thermal equilibrium radiation with a molecule at low temperatures explains the mechanism. The role represents a barrier of activation as the sub-conformation states of the molecule are set. Both states share the shared function of supplying the tunnelling mechanism with a portion of the energy of zero-point vibrations.

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Anatoly V. Stepanov
National Ozone Monitoring Research and Educational Centre, Belarusian State University, Kurchatov str. 7–816, 220045 Minsk, Belarus.

Maxim A. Stepanov
Department of Technical Physics, Information Technologies and Robotics Faculty, Belarusian National Technical University, B. Khmelnitsky str. 9, Building 11, 220013 Minsk, Belarus.

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