Beyond the Construction, Design and Planning Scenarios of Eco-Buildings

Lately, even in Romania, the interest in ecological buildings has begun to take on proportions. Gifted with curiosity, but especially by reorienting towards a new (more) healthier lifestyle, people are looking to find out as much detail as possible about them – thus capturing the outline and also the subject of this study. Although, the construction of ecological buildings is not simple, and eliminates many of the heavy stages of a classical construction, future homeowners omit, due to lack of information, this option, especially in the context in which we do not have a good filter of information about this subject, which will give us the real benefits we have.

Ecologic houses seem to be a trend with strong growth, because the shapes that they can wear are extremely varied. The great variety, low price and promise of ecological housing is likely to convince people to completely change their lifestyle.

How well are we prepared for sustainable development? How do we meet the demands of today’s society? What does a green house look like, how does it behave in time, and how much does it cost? What are the trends in designing a green house? These are just a few questions that we will try to answer during the present work.

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