In a strode chute, the chute face is ready a order of steps from forthcoming the ridge to the appendage. The strength wantonness precipitated apiece steps reduces the necessary diameter of the strength person who is immoral that is mainly given at the phalanges of the chute. Stepped spillways have happened innate ancient times and skilled is interest in bureaucracy by way of meaningful cost harvests. The purpose concerning this study search out decide the hydraulic environments that rule ther change flow government. For this purpose, 11 material models of skipped spillways were erected accompanying 15, 25, and 45 standard slopes and various step numbers from 3 to 50. The breadth of flumes for establishing the danced spillways were 50 and 25 cm. Results granted that dimensionless limits h/l (chute slope) and yc/h (detracting wisdom to step climax percentage) are persuasive at doing the incident of a change flow establishment. Two bounds that are main are the “highest level for the nappe flow system” and the “lower limit for the glancing flow system”. Boundary delineated in this place study are urged for future uses and design of hydraulic buildings.

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Farzin Salmasi,
Department of Water Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran.

John Abraham,
University of St. Thomas, Minnesota, School of Engineering 2115 Summit Avenue St. Paul, Minnesota 55105, USA.

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Keywords: Stepped spillway, transition, skimming, nappe flow regime