Core Dimensions of Organizational Culture in a Research and Development Organization in Tamil Nadu, India

The research paper aims to analyse the core dimensions of Organizational Culture in a R&D institution that is completely dedicated to research in Basic and Allied Sciences. The sole purpose of this research is to capture those dimensions amenable to R&D activities in this organization that will lead to higher R&D performance. The research examines factors like Strategy, Structure, Resources, Risk taking, Job & Role Characteristics, Team Dynamics, Collaboration & Networking, Leadership, Reward System, Safety & Health and Customer Satisfaction in the context of the organization. Research data was collected using a questionnaire from a sample of (n = 110) respondents within the institute. All the variable items for Organisational Culture were measured using a five-point Likert scale. Parametric and Non-Parametric tests were used to analyze the dimensions of culture, relationship between organizational culture and job satisfaction of employees and also the influence of demographic factors on organizational culture.The paper also includes recommendations to guide the management of the organization to identify and inculcate cultural values that will enhance R&D activities and to gradually abandon those practices that hinder creativity and innovativeness among the employees.

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