Critical Overview on Global Warming as Evolution: Rebuttal of Two Extreme Positions

In the global meetings among governments, IGO and NGO, a hidden premise is that the process of climate change can be not only halted but reversed, if and only if there could finally be coordina-tion of a global warming set of counter-measures. Somehow, global warming would be stabilised at 2C, and all countries would reduce their GHC emissions slowly but consistently over the coming decades. Given the costs of such measures in terms of economic development, it is said that a super fund put up by the rich countries would alleviate the burden on the poor or developing countries. This is a global myth, which entirely bypasses the fundamental fact that the history of mankind is evolving to a new stage, namely a society with an increasing average temperature and its attending consequences for all systems, biological and social. It involves travelling on a new road path that may end up in 4C, 6C or even more. It is a riskier one than before, because it is irreversible and probablities are not known.

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Jan-Erik Lane
Geneva University, Switzerland.

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