Flooding Incidence and Drainage Network Analysis in Bonny Island, Nigeria

Flooding Incidence and Drainage Network Analysis in Bonny Island, Nigeria

The incidence of occasional flooding of an estate, a tank farm in Bonny Island, Niger Delta was investigated. The study was carried out to identify the remote causes of flooding and in turn proffer a solution. Detail field investigation involved identification of thirty one road side drains of rectangular cross-section; measurement of drains inverts (spot heights) at selected locations yielded estimates of longitudinal slopes (0.000416 – 0.0074 m/m), a case of very mild slopes. The invert profiles of 15 road side drains indicated a case of inconsistent slopes, a mix of positive and negative slopes over short intervals, the observation accounts for siltation and ponding in the drains. The redesigns of the existing drains were actualized via the use of MODRAIN code, based on the principle of best hydraulic section with input data options for rectangular or trapezoidal channels; constant or variable bottom slopes and runoff coefficient(s). A comparison of the existing and newly designed drains with respect to cross-sectional areas confirmed that 80% of the existing drains are oversized, in what is captioned “Bigger existing drains”. Apparently, the issue of occasional flooding of the Estate cannot be all blamed on inadequate drain size but on existing bottom slopes (very mild slopes) of the drains.

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