Strains of algae belonging to the genera Scenedesmus, Stichococcus, Chlorococcum, Ankistrodesmus, Chlamydomonas, Chlorella, Coelastrum, and Pediastrum were isolated from water samples collected in Uzbekistan. At optimum temperature (22ºC, 24ºC, 28ºC), all cultures were mesophilic algae. The results show that for these microalgae, 2% carbon dioxide is sufficient for optimal growth and development. The maximum accumulation of lipids (46,6-55,0%) was observed in cell cultures Chlorococcum sp.4, Chlorococcum sp.8, and Chlorococcum sp.37. In oils of Ankistrodesmus angustus, UT-15 detected 7 fatty acids, whereas in Pediastrum sp.1, 16 fatty acids were detected.

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