Study of the Implementation of Integrated Science Curriculum at Grade 8 in Bangladesh: An Approach towards Challenges and Way Forward

This paper looks at the challenges science teachers experience when implementing the integrated Science Curriculum 2012 in Grade 8 and suggests a solution for overcoming them. A mixed-methods technique was used to perform the study. Bangladeshi Grade 8 Science teachers took part in this research. A variety of survey questionnaires and an interview schedule were used to obtain data. With Grade 8 science teachers, science curriculum professionals assessed and pre-tested data collection procedures. Descriptive statistics were used to interpret the survey results. To understand the findings, both qualitative and quantitative data were triangulated. Grade 8 Science instructors reported concerns such as unfriendly texts, insufficient physical and instructional facilities, a lack of teachers’ professional abilities, inconsistent in-service training, ineffective instructional monitoring, and a mentorship system. Regular professional development activities, the modernization of instructional facilities, the improvement of the physical environment, the updating of the Grade 8 Science textbook, and the development of a continuous instructional monitoring and mentoring system were all suggested as ways to move forward.

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Mohammed Zakir Hossain
Institute of Education and Research, Rajshahi University, Rajshahi, Bangladesh.

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