Increase in Incidence of Spontaneous Combustion of the Skies, Forest Fires, Oil Tanker Vessel Fires, Earth Bursting, Death by Poisonous Gases, Increase in Stinging Insects, Wasps Accomplished by Global Contraception, Abortion, Eradication of Human Race with Putrefaction of Countless Aborted Fetuses

Spontaneous combustion of skies, resulting in forest fires, earth bursting, and sewage tank cleaners dying from toxic gas inhalation, is becoming more common; in the last decade, newer varieties of creeping, flying insects of larger size with stings have been observed. As a result, an altruistic analysis is performed based on observation and correlation with pathogenesis. For the past 15 years, an analysis of the above incidence has been conducted in relation to global contraception abortion implementation. Mortality from all causes was studied in 350 people divided into two groups: those with and those without. contraception, who were randomly selected from the community and hospital and were separated into three age groups: 20-35 years, >35 years, and >50 years. Over the last decade, there has been a 4-9 fold increase in spontaneous combustion of the skies, resulting in forest fires, earth breaking with explosion, connected with tsunami, death of sewage tank cleaners, and the introduction of newer insects.4-7 fold increase in mortality [p value<0.0005] was noticed, for contracepted couples among 20- >50 years 863,000,000 reported surgical abortions till 2010 1; 1989,375,754 women of reproductive age group Due to small family norms, forcibly declining fertility rates; global hypoxia 3 of air, water secondary to aborted blood, contraceptive menstrual blood pollution depleting oxygen, which cannot be replaced by plants, unlike mandatory live humans with their emissions, of God-ordained self-sustaining ecology, leads to lakhs of fish, water living washed ashore dead, The concept is an intentionally acquired aetiology of innumerable contraception, abortion, as described above, destroys human lives, water living, birds, living organisms, and enables massive putrefaction in the bodies of millions of aborted foetuses and millions of contracepted young parents with acquired early demise like flies, contracepted menstrual and aborted blood, releasing toxic gases in the environment. With spontaneous combustion of the skies or combustion with associated thunder lightning resulting in increased thunder bolt struck mortality unexplained forest fire, oil tanker vessel fire and emergence of stinging newer larger insects, mites, wasps; how much more will not the toxic gases of putrefaction swirl up the oceanic bed producing hiked up waves, split, rupture Waste food items in nature are degraded with their excreta to produce biogas, bio methane that can be used to fuel a car or supply energy, a reminder of God’s designed self-sustaining ecosystem that exists to sustain the living, creation, which is agonizingly disturbed by achieving contraception, abortion – i.e. acquired profound mortality [death, diseases] in the name of family welfare, specially¬† fetuses, children and young parents.

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Elizabeth JeyaVardhini Samuel
Karpagam Faculty of Medical Sciences and Research, Karunya University, Coimbatore, TamilNadu, India.

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